Thailand Itinerary… I-THAI-NERARY?

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I’m not even sorry for that pun, but let’s move beyond that.

We are set to leave here soon for a week and some change in Phuket, Thailand. We got our travel vaccines today (wow.. can you say pretty penny?), we’ve got our excursions booked, and I may or may not be planning my outfits around potential Instagram worthiness.

My favorite thing about traveling to new places is all of the things you can explore while you’re there, but my least favorite thing about traveling is feeling like you overdid it and need another vacation from the one you just got home from. So, that is why I follow a “one day on, one day off” rule when going abroad. Day one is always free to explore, lounge at the hotel, maybe enjoy a local cocktail or seven. I just got there, and I earned it after sitting in a plane for hours and sitting in cars and just spending my life sitting. Can’t a girl lounge with some booze and feel like a queen? Because that’s what she’s going to do.

Anyway, I digress. Day two is when the excursions start. And we rotate off and on until we spend our last day relaxing before we head home (and cry to ourselves that we must return to the real world far too soon).

But, for now, it’s jitters, butterflies, and excitement. We head out in a few weeks and this is what’s on the plate so far:

  • Day 1 – We get in a little late in the afternoon, so hopefully we catch the sunset but if not we’ll just gorge ourselves on hotel food and lounge on the beach
  • Day 2 – ~ReLaX bY tHe BeAcH~ (but don’t get too drunk because the sunrise tour you’ve got planned for tomorrow is going to fuck you up if you do)
  • Day 3 – Speaking of, we’re starting the day REAL early with the Phi Phi Islands sunrise tour – I gotta say I’m fuckin’ pumped for this. I’m going to go real white girl basic on you all for just a moment but the reason I even fell in love with Thailand was because of the movie The Beach, and so long as I don’t die there (thanks, Leo) this is going to be a dream come true for me. </basicness>
  • Day 4 – Hang out, maybe get a little more drunk than on day 1. Also, Bangla Road? Heard it’s pretty fun (insane) so might check that out. I’ll let you all know if I make any progress convincing my boyfriend to go to the ladyboy cabaret (that is what they call it on their website, don’t @ me).
  • Day 5 – Half-day private tour, checking out some local temples and hoping our guides are friendly
  • Day 6 – Bond Island tour – spending the day kayaking through caves, making my dad jealous I get to see the evil lair of the man with the golden gun, and eating at a floating Muslim village on stilts (no I’m not totally sure how this works but I bet it’s delicious of I don’t fall off and die)
  • Day 7 – Reeeeeeelaxation Nation, party of 2
  • Day 8 – So this is where I’m feeling pretty sly. We check out on day 8 at noon-ish, but our flight isn’t until like, midnight. So, we’re going to hang out at the hotel until around noon and then we’re going to the elephant sanctuary for the afternoon tour. From there, we’ll grab some dinner closer to the airport and just lounge until it’s our time to jet off back to the real world.

Getting incredibly excited over here, but definitely have to close a few loops before we head out. Also as excited as I am to visit, I’m just as bummed to leave my dog, Bruce. (He’s handsome af and I don’t mean to be biased but the greatest dog ever). But it’ll be okay he’s gonna hang with his best friend, Fritz. Also a dog.. are people named Fritz?

Anyway, chat soon! If not, well, I’ll be off wandering.

Photo credit – by Mo Baghdadi on Unsplash

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