We are the women who wander

The ladies who leap, the females who frolic, the honeys who hustle. We are women unapologetically traveling the world, making ourselves and everyone else us better through the compassion, empathy, experiences, and understandings we gain only from travel.

About the Owner


I’m Amanda, and I run @thewomenwhowander (I also run @whereamandawanders if you want to check out my personal travel account). Most of my life has been spent in the midwest but I became obsessed with exploring the world when I saw an ocean for the first time. I am currently based in St. Louis, MO, USA but following along with all the fabulous ladies of Instagram as they explore the world.

I’d love to feature you on the Instagram, or if you have something you want to write about, hop on the blog as well! This world is big enough for all of us women to navigate it together. Feel free to reach out through the contact form, or email me at hello@thewomenwhowander.com.

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